"there are no ordinary moments." -dm

oh, hey!

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You found me! I'm Noukee, pronounced "new kee",.. the girl behind the camera... Iā€™m a mama of two fast growing boys, so I run on coffee, obviously! Life is crazy busy and demanding, but in my book, there is always time for beautiful photos! Ever since I was a little girl, I've always appreciated how a beautiful photo could bring you right back to that moment, that story, and those feelings. Having my boys has only fed that appreciation, and I want to share that with you!

It's important to me that you have fun and love this experience, from the time we meet to the end product. You loving your photos as much as I do is my goal in this process... if that happens, I consider it a personal victory... it's one of the best feelings!

So if you've been hangin' around here for a bit and you've seen something that made you smile, hit me up and let's go make some magic happen!

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